Corporate Profile

Leadhound Network is a part of Kassar Enterprises, Inc., a privately held Orlando, FL based company with over 9 years of running operations.

Launched in December 1999, rapidly grew as a popular performance based network. In our first month of operation we generated 7,500 impressions, while in October 2003 we generated over 25,000,000 impressions of unique banners and text links and do my math homework.

Our network’s success is a result of the fact that clients (e-merchants) have the option to pay for desired results. This means that the merchants set their own rate of pay for Impressions, Clicks, Leads, and Sales.

Clients can use a combination of Impressions, Clicks, and Leads, or just choose one method of payment. We usually set-up clients’ offers and have them running on our network in less than 48 hours.